Monday, July 23, 2007

Get FolderShare to work with Windows and Macintosh

I think Microsoft's FolderShare is a very useful program for synchronizing programs across multiples computers (also makes a quick-and-easy backup solution). When I got my new MacBook Pro I was excited to see that they have a Mac version, as well as a Windows version, so that I could retain the same files, and backups, whether I'm working in Mac or Windows.

But I spent hours finding a way to make the files transfer from Windows to Mac (the other way around, Mac to Windows, worked fine from the get-go). Hours of toying with proxies, and my router, were a waste of time.

The solution (for me): Disable Encryption. In the Settings -> Transfers tab, when I turn off "Encrypt transfers" it works OK. When I leave it off, it fails.

It's working great for me now. My file bits are flying around the Internet unencrypted now, so please, everyone, don't peek. If anyone has a way to make FolderShare work between Mac and Windows with encryption, please let me know.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

iPhone Audio Fix

Problem: My iPhone was not working in a lot of ways, all related to sound from the speakers or audio into the microphone. In general, audio was not working on my iPhone. The problem showed itself in various forms:
  • For a while, the keys and button presses were making no sound.
  • For a while, during phone calls I could hear and talk on speakerphone, but in regular phone I could not hear what the other party was saying and they could not hear me.
  • For a while, all audio failed for music, podcasts, etc... sound failed for everything except speakerphone.

Solution: Plug in the headphones. Listen to some music. Then pull out the headphones. This seems to have reset the internal states so that the iPhone audio is working again.